the days of awkward gifts

the days of awkward gifts

‘Leaf steal’ as stolen by the Weathercats

those days
mother’s day
father’s day
you grumbled
to find a decent
gift for…
there were
gifts of yours
that found
their way into
the cupboard of
the put away,
the things that
aged their newness
in its dark,
the too good,
the too odd,
for really
what need
had they of gifts
who had common sense
in barrowloads,
whose measure never
took in your nonsense….

in time such days
for mothers, for fathers
are heard deep chords
of the harp
strummed high in the
autumn tree grown
of memories that fall
away, your self among
those final leaves,
perhaps the very
last one

as you fall
such father,
such mother
will hear your
cry though they
be a forest of
of stars
remember them
as you will,
remember them
as you must
your fall
will find
among the
put away

18 june 2018
may 2020

Copyright ©2020 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from a recording by Michiko Uchida of the first ‘song’ of Robert’s Schumann’s Op. 133 ‘Gesänge der Frühe’ (Songs of Dawn)

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