mountain chain forming the eastern outskirts of Athens (more usually
spelt as ‘Hymettus’ in English)

Sunrise Ymmitos-2
Dawn over the Acropolis, and Ymittos to the east (right), image courtesy of https://meteoraphototour.com

a sense of touch
in the sky.
the dawn
flares cool
along the ridge.
the ridge
working its line
back and forth
the sun
lifts like plaster
from staircase walls.
you know then
the city to
its edge

february 1988

Copyright ©1988 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from Youtube: ‘The Greek Folk Instruments: Sandouri Σαντούρι Santur’, Track 1: Πηγή (Natural Spring), the artist is unattributed.


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