out of the sun

out of the sun
written in the days of the ‘ozone scare’, when mankind scrambled to shrink the ‘hole’


the light
butts in
under the eaves
this valley
is turned out
of the sun.

trees gather
lightly on
the cool.
the voice
of the bird
closes a
deep flower
in the
a high window
barks out
against the
sun breaking
the ridge
to shadow.

this valley
is turned out
of the sun.
out of the
blast of eden
to speak of
ruined gardens.

now your skin
bears the fill
of this steeply
planted ground.

now you learn
all its breezes
that pause like
the rising of
cricket song.

you sit
back on
this cool.
a pleasure
in the dew
no dream.
a pleasure
that peaks
like stars.

jan 1990

Copyright ©1990 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

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