blue night

blue night
to the paintings of Juan Miro

Juan Miro – ‘Teaching’

the stars are
full on the
air this night.
fanned to the
point they hint
and retract at
the eye’s

i’ve eked out
whatever heart
i’ve taken
to build a sense
decorated, so well
known from within
like these backyards
dug around with
bush, sapling,
flowering vine to
outgrow the gaps
stood between
the planks
stapled against
the rise, this
night a dark upon
dark leafage the
barest wind
would spring
loose amongst
the branches and
the picture stars.

this night
the stars
are those
joys we’d
have kept
over from
all the day
never long
from our hands.
this night
the stars

greenlane rd.
feburary 1989

*‘lot’: as in a parcel of land, e.g. a vacant lot.

Copyright ©1989 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved


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