up late

up late

    With acknowledgments to its creator for use of this image 

staying up late
for so many things
need to be said
the day will
not admit
nor spare you
a sheaf of hours
to thresh in saying,
for so many things
need to be said,
the town to be
replaced by a fade
of broken tears,
the loves unbought
to be paid for,
the prayers of wax
to be consoled in
hands of flame,
so many things
at the tip of
the tongue,
that will not
let you sleep
until final
sleep come.
and still they
will be said into
the face of
dawn and

2:13 am
13 july 2019

Copyright ©2019 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from Janacek’s piano sonata ‘From the Street’

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