of stone, of shadow

of stone, of shadow
from the dry inland plains, thinking of Aotearoa

of stone

years of
ocean away
from that land
carved down to
the face of sea
clear with rocks
in the ebb and
ripple the flick
and poise
of tiny
rock-cod in
i hear the rush
of autumn
in its sky
bringing down
leaves in whole
flights like
broken birds
shadows coming
off trees
in the leaning
of afternoon
i know an
aging in that rush
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bus stop

bus stop


of no place i strike in and out of the
morning shadows suited
within minutes to the run of
a life / the heart yet cut
sky-blue to the quick.
the magnolia leaves spill the sun’s wax leaf
to leaf flowers where thistle
had burned in poison trip shade on the
grass like a scent failing
the air / journeys
of web hold to a
face discarded
the insect mask.

we wait stood apart off the shoulder sense
of another / the sea steps up
high silver above the houses / Continue reading “bus stop”

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