Started writing this at the cafe in the picture, also spent time studying an electronics module at TAFE on some kind of amplifier circuit; failed the module, as did a friend, Irving Rodriguez, and we revised it over many coffees here as well. Finally we passed, then found out we couldn’t graduate from the course as we shouldn’t have been doing the course in the first place as we’d never done the electrician’s prerequisites. TAFE got their class numbers up by advertising the ‘course’ as ideal for people working in IT….something of a ‘fiddle’, I think.  The ‘wisteria’ was out the back of the cafe.

no other time
will come,
the rooves
folding up
at the blueness
space of dreams
the long shore
deepening toward
its dusk.

no time.
wisteria along
a sun-split fence
shadow pegged out
over stone
laying the windings
of summer light
nothing harder
than this moment
whatever could
come to me
on its edge.

no time.
i have to
unfumble the voice
i’m given
find its length
follow on.
voice preceding
eye that gathers
what the sun
has cast
a street’s cool
banking of shade
leaves brilliant
over falling shade
of a branch
tiles shining sky
back at itself
eye that matches
this earth to
sun closing
worlds on

ashfield, sydney
jan 1997

Copyright ©1997 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

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