on reading Chinese poet, Gu Cheng’s, poem
`Mu Chuang’ – ‘Grave Bed’


from the beach
a pale stroke through
all that light
the sea holds
out a bay
of sun
struck sail
of the wind waking
a darkness
across it at times
the small remembrance
of things, waves
‘cat’s paws’* the
pine on this hill
has always taken
its shadow back
unto itself
given some to
imagine a dry house
out of the
sea-driven rain,
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town of water

town of water *


the water seemingly
the colour of the stone
that channels it
flashes of blue-grey
the sky of course
& the dark of timbers
over it or eaves above
the water always surprising
your way through the streets
at any hour
tumbling the quiet

a stone bridge like an ear
cupped to the waters
we made a language
of pictures** drawing
much from the
innocence of animals
clouds and first
drawn impressions
in a grown child’s hand
this our language to
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