fourty years
they’ve been
warning us to
stay away from
the local authority
doomsday sayers
saying that you
could fall anytime
and take us
with you,
fourty years
they’ve fenced you
off with a warning sign,
yet i stand where
one should not
on your platform of
root where you are
ripping away from
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just words on a table

just words on a table



rose of
grace across
the table

a letter there
from a favourite
decade penned
by hand

the aegean
folding round
the foot of
those volcanic
cliffs like
the love
clasp of
a mermaid’s

the sky
was marble
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glittering prize

glittering prize

Cosmic eye

when god was
the glittering prize
and the day rose
like a mountain
and we had
nothing to lose
only everything
to burn to gain
the peak where
god was in the
hand and gentle
as thunder in a
far-off sky
a far-off sky
you look toward
in wonder thinking
of the bitter hail
and the wind out
there on those fields
where the cattle
sleep the sheep Continue reading “glittering prize”

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