concrete dog

concrete dog (AKA concdog)

The site of observation below the back (front?) yard…

the house with
the concrete dog
behind the iron
railings the sea
up to its back
yard or is it
front? and a boat
ramp of rusted cement
driftwood and cracks
the concrete dog
deaf to the people
walking on the shell
skirting the high tide
below the back yard
or is it front?
they could have painted
the dog blue, red, yellow
with purple spots
big as fuschia
given me more
to tell of but its
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blue like a sorrow

blue like a sorrow
 to J. ‘Beat’ Kerouac
february 2013


this time
come again
the starlings
sparrows even
snatching up the
cicadas cicadas
easily now
banging them
to death on the
warm court
cicadas sputtering
out in final summer
exhausted on walls
on trees resting
into the shadows
on bark
the greens are
turning from their
deepest shine to
paleness of
yellow, of
weak tea there
along the edge
the sun hitting
an iron note in
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fragment of a morning

fragment of a morning


the little girl was in pink on the bank
with her father holding a shovel
& a small tree. he was telling
her he would plant it
on the river
it would grow
roots in the cool flow
& autumn flower with
stars the sky over
he planted one foot
into the iron boat
that twisted like
its reflection below
twisted & glimmered
he took the oars
that were placed
there years ago
taking the twisting
shell into midstream
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