bringing the nocturne

bringing the nocturne

One of the only 2 known photos of Frédéric Chopin

on these days
of deep rain
i wish for
nothing else
that Chopin
should push
open the door
flick water off
his sleeves
dab his
round the face
reminded every
second it looks
of a loss
a stirring
a land harpooned
by its neighbours
the owl
that lorded it over
him on forest branch
turning eyes like
captured stars
down on him
that he approach
raise his left hand
materialise a piano
of varnished polished
wood smelling of
coffins, that he sits
briskly before
and begins
the nocturne
i curl up
in it
on each step
of its rising
and falling
into the night
the night
he tenderly
brought us
no light commands
or demeans

june 4, 2013

Copyright ©2013 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

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