not so sure

not so sure

Maple wood
Acknowledgements to National Geographic

was down your way,
what was your way?
where did you go?
a friend and i
of bookish and
arty idea
each side of you
at the long table
in the library
looking down at
you and squirming
in delight in seeing
your hair
shone through like
a red maple leaf in a
morning wood,
your womanliness
bundled tight in
blouse and smock,
your whole young
self, your smile over us
like a rose of dusk,
the cheek of your eyes,
your freckles that were
perfect imperfection
wilted at you, and you
asked us what was
going on, and we
could only smile,
you asked again, and
we walked off, our
answer a knowing
laugh and told you
nothing of how you
burned us down day
after day,….
i wonder
where did you go
and if i, and that
friend of then,
were to see
you now,
would we find
anything had
you’d laugh and
say that youth
and youthful dream
were a losing battle
even then, that
everything had
but i’m
not so sure,
because you only
ever remember the
light as light, whatever
its form, whatever the
hour it came upon
your heart.

april 2018

Copyright © 2018 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

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