Kunming Hu

a day found whole
in the broken time
hours    windows    the stalled
rush of evening

a day out of reach
joining the willows to
the lake  the splayed silver buckle

a day we sang
on the idling wind
holding in the cool of the
branches keeping clear
of the sun’s heavy drift

the water touching our
wood    the water
our guitar

october/november 1994
beijing – kunming lake

stroke the water
turn under the willow
a late summer dream
we enter tying loose
to the dark rock.

move our hands
through the leaves
lifting the senseless
branch aside
marking curls in the water

your eyes are of the willow
your eyes are of
this day
the silver water
caught up in the green
moving its light on the
underside of leaves.

your kiss is of this water
a living coolness
a surface i’d reach
find warm

november /december 1994
beijing – kunming lake

Copyright © 1994 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved


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