the rising sea

the rising sea


looking good
out on the deck
a decent mug of tea
a book to absorb
you dig out things
you never even
knew of yourself
reading with thin
elegant glasses
and watching us
on the daily traipse
to the bus-stop….
i wished i could join
her it looked good
to be out of all
this every day
every day driven
in like a nail
you could see
her as on an island
a peaceful shore
around her garden
the sky was calm
as a low-tide this
morning things
of quiet interest
in it to read
seemed old age
was an island
you finally land
upon, behind
are woods
of memory to
dodge back into
though growing
out of reach
for some
you stand on
the moment and
look out over time’s
glutted sea knowing
it will rise
and you

19 april 2016

Copyright © 2016 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

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