of hands

of hands

Caring for the Elderly
Image courtesy of http://www.healthline.com

i saw a
photo of hands
wondered if we
any other
view of each other

than this    the fingers    open hand
over hand over hand

no minds
no tongues
cheating us
out of ourselves

no fists
no metal
breaking us
apart on ourselves

no eyes
no ears
feeding the lie
to ourselves

just our strength
in hand holding
from dawn to
evening settling
like a flurry of
wing on the

holding in sleep
like a bridge
over canyons
of dream
fallen moons
under foam

holding in sleep
like a wind
over branches over
leaves spinning wild
with journeys
and the smoke
of fires

holding in our
sleep together
the span of our
hands all our
gods in hand
in the overlap
of waters
the shell
in the swirl

all things
are hands
for us
to reach

august 2006

Copyright © 2006 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

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