for Mark, Ross & Nada

jamieson bay

a trip
on highway
and off
along a
summer road
and i looked
down at bays
moored yachts
and hills like deeper
shades of the sea.
at his bach that had
wandered up its
own drive,
though Ross was
under a worsening
weather, he could still
dish it out to you,
the comeback,
that only proved
what solid legs
your friendship
stood upon.
a good lunch with him
and Nada, garnished
with wit and poem,
and later we took the
short walk down to the
beach, and he yarned
with everyone he knew, which
was everyone that passed us,
and the three of us sat looking
out to the yachts, the moored,
the anchored ones, across the
bay to the sandspit joining
headland to its final peak,
full-tide on the spit runs
less than a yard deep,
he said, but that would
be more than enough
to cross the bar,
when the time comes,
and that can only be
‘between tides’
as the sign says,
no other time

Nada took
a picture of us,
the ‘three stooges’
Ross said in the moment,
later titled it more
grandly ‘the three poets’,
so we have our
photo, one souvenir of
a summer visit and
these words

jamieson bay, mahurangi
29 december 2018

Copyright © 2018 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

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