hollywood lunch

hollywood lunch
   overheard in Beverly Hills


it’s like this,
this young guy
‘gallant’ even
maybe a bit
chicken deep down
with his brother
visits a big shot in
a far town his
brother’s trying to
do business with,
woos the big shot’s
wife while his brother’s
busy with talks over
the banquet table,
beds her and
smitten with her
ferrets her out
of the big shot’s
mansion she’s
stowed in the boot
unbeknownst to
big brother who
doesn’t catch on
till they get back
to their own castle.
the big shot raises
the whole town who
come down with him
like a ton of bricks
on the brothers’ town
camping round their
castle walls for years
raising hell burning
corn and so on.
in the end and
this is where it
gets tricky
they send in a
wooden horse
maybe it’s got
commandos in it
and that’s the
the brother’s dad
has it wheeled
into the main street
and says ‘you can’t
look a gift horse
in the mouth’…”

“the idea?
the blind tramp*
i suppose or just
call it imagination…”

“he should be proud!”

january 26, 2014

*Ο Όμηρος (Homer, as known in English’), the blind Greek –speaking minstrel credited with composing the ‘Iliad’.

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