By Japanese artist Koson Ohara

how millk
sweetens the
the sea
just yards away
where this asphalt
road flittingly
transparent with
raindrop fronts
to the shore,
the sea whisper
you pick out of
waters whispering
along the gutter,
the sea shifting
pebble and shell
in ebb and lift
ebb and lift,
all the grey
morning walking
with the straw-headed
buddha poet’s haiku*
in mind, its owl
hooting like a
grave remembered,
those cat’s eyes
blinking, widening,
a grimace of eyebrow,
the dusk a moment’s
winter dropped into the
last minutes of a
spring day,
knowing how we too
were written just so
into his less than

april 2018

*reference to the 18th century haiku poet Kobayashi Nobuyuki, (penname: Issa) and his haiku, less than the traditional 17 syllables:
mimizuku no tsuradamashii haru no kure
horned owl’s
look of pluck,
spring dusk

Copyright © 2018 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

A reading of ‘seventeen’:

2 thoughts on “seventeen”

  1. really enjoyed your poem …hope it was a good cappucino… the road noises were the great challenge Piers


    1. Hi Piers, thanks for letting me know you. Yes, the road noises made it very hard to get the recording balance right, and to get the other quieter ambient sounds including sea to hang together as an acoustic backdrop. There’s always such an element of luck when you press the ‘record’ button as to what you’ll get at the end. It was a good coffee indeed, ‘reassuring’ as the man says….


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