highway 22

highway 22

Please right click on this image and choose ‘Open image in new tab’ to enjoy the whole panorama on a larger scale, an end of day Weathercat wide snap.

rolling up to
the wet grey
coming down on
the waikato hills
cloud grazing ridge
and fence line
a breadth of glow
along the west
to show where
the late afternoon
sun might have
sunk to
a magpie sheers
down the gulley
in rain
blocks of a
white cross on
back and wing
to roost
up under the
tart green leaves
of the golden elm
that catch to yellow
a huddle of pine
a huddle of beast
in the last great
light over the
turn those valleys
and spurs,
turn for home,
somewhere the river
will carry us north
and home,
the river take
this land

december 2014

Copyright © 2014 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music accompanying the reading is from the 2nd movement (Andante) of the Gareth Farr piece ‘Taheke’, performed here by Sarah Davis, harp and Christy Kim, flute at the  Jeanette MacDonald Recital Hall at the University of Southern California for a music graduate recital.

An in situ reading of the piece is here below:

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