a glass of christmas

a glass of christmas
               for Auntie Wanda

Panmure’s summer snowman, snapped by two Weathercats

there’s been
good ones
these years
for sure
but years apart
it seems you can’t
pull it off at will
the ‘choice’ christmas
like a good wine
a good bitter
cannot be rolled
out to order
in older
younger times
who put
the tinsel on it
of voice
of laughter
wrapped it in
warmth and
brightness for you
are gone under
that tree into
that snow that
comes of time
like dust in
the wine
we do with
what we have
wrap it now
for others in
stiffened brightness
the warmth we
summon from
a glass of
wrap it for
the young,
the wife, the
uncle, the oldies
we turn into,
drink it down
bitterly sweet
such a glass of

26 december 2013

Copyright © 2013 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The  music is from the song ‘Winter Wonderland’ from the ‘The Dean Martin Christmas Album’ recorded originally in 1966 (reissued on CD in 2008). The incidental ‘meow’ was provided by Little Cat and has no attendant copyright issues.

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