shelly beach

shelly beach
   to a father & yachtie

always walked
that last of
the way
on a path of
clay and shell
sketched along
the shoreline like
the furthest
reach of a
boats on the
cradle still
as in those days
when you’d bring
me here with
you to get
something, chat
with someone about
a thorny problem
only a seasoned
yachtie might have
a skerrick of advice
upon, a piece
of paraphernalia
not gotten
anywhere else.
i look up at
the cradles
the boats like
birds caught in
fish out
of water
slowing down to
a crawl in their
shadows on grass
summer dry.
age, you never
told me, dries
everything out
from hull to
ruddy skin
drawn up on
its frame of
on the low-tide
the catamaran
‘katipo’ tilted
on the mud
the in-tide will
see her off
sails shall yet
be raised
wake foaming
from the bow
like a beer
cracked into
the steadied

december 2013
shelly beach

the ‘Katipo’ happily afloat
the yard

Copyright © 2013 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

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