inspired by the mass of
the tudor composer, John Taverner , 1490-1545


in the thrall
of those
choral voices
that caused
to ache in
the nave in
echo of their
felt those
past less than
a touch away
those who breathed
who sang glories
those who breathed
who felt the
tightening of weapon
in hand of
hand in hand
of breast in hand
who fought in coupling
across the rough and
readied bed
who breathed
who taught simple
rules of fear and
who breathed
who stuttered
breath when the
blood’s wick was
snuffed in night’s
priestly hands
who breathed out
to walk the
long shores
of His coming
the tall ships
angel rigged
i felt those
past less than
a breath away
a tone away
in the cathedral’s
opened out wings of
airy splendour
that housed that
minute of

may 2014

Copyright © 2018 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved


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