Robbie of the rails

robbie of the rails
dedicated to the former Auckland mayor, Sir Dove-Myer Robinson and his determination to pursue a light rail solution to Auckland’s transport problems. The culmination of this was his plan released in 1972 which failed to gain support. Robbie was also famous for his ‘health practice’ of walking out on the street in the early morning with his shirt off. See the following webpage for a quick overview of life and achievements:


rode the lightly
rocking rail
this morning
panmure to
on the train
Sir Robbie would
have taken off
his shirt for
gone the extra
mile for
a train he
might have been
proud of, having
argued, pleaded,
talked himself
hoarse for it
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wrong tree

wrong tree

With acknowledgements to tree, dog & photographer, whoever all their good selves may be….

a dog he was they said
barking up the wrong tree:
‘just the way it happened’

nothing came through
except the debt for
everything that didn’t
the promises could not
be cashed in printed
as they were on paper
of an extinct age
when he went
barking up the wrong tree:
‘just the way it happened’

not understanding
any of the orders
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sleep slip

sleep slip
february 2013

The Weathercats lap up the sleep wherever it runs under the Norfolk pine!

i step out
into the sleep
over tree, street,
the beds of
roof, not yet
ready to lay
with the sleep
of this evening
admit its slip
over me
i step out
like a ladder
down the silence
the sound of crickets
silver water trembling
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