otago sky

otago sky
queenstown, january 2012

Many thanks to photographer, writer & thinker Trey Ratcliff who shared this image of central Otago on Flickr.

all the leavings of stone
and sky from creation
that fateful day
are dumped
i saw skies
in one
this early morning
stormings of cloud
long shores of it
burstings of gutted
pink torn out
of the pages
of genesis
poplar towers
poplar shoals
rocking in that
wind its flog
in shoulder
with the hard
eye of sun
on those
dry plains
felt out of
place to be
so near the
old birthings
of land
sky that
told histories
of itself to
the deaf
my view
to the hilt
of sight.

Copyright © 2018 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music for the reading is from the opening Adagio movement of Mozart’s String Quartet No. 19 “Dissonance”, K. 465, interpreted here by Quatuor Mosaïques.

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