a headful of these shapes all day

merv worked in grey lynn
in the shoe factory his job
in the storeroom turning
big uneven pieces of leather
back and forth in mind on
the wooden table to count out
see clearly just how many uppers
the flattened spread of the upper
part of the shoe could be
cut from one such
piece all day
turning the leather
thinking a headful
of Miró protozoan
shapes under a
bald electric light
come winter summer
in an air that fairly
sweated. come back in
from lunch i’d tell him
times it was beautiful
out there, he’d always reply
“i call these kinds of days
typical grey lynn weather”
and i’d think what he meant,
the blue out there all uncut
and clean yet perfectly
edged along rusting
iron rooves of
left-over paints.

merv, i’d like
to think, well retired
now alone in his
mother’s house is
looking out on a
garden he fusses
about in under
a sky that times
looks like his
grey lynn
nothing to cut
just the days
to fit into
a smaller

july 2012

Copyright © 2018 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

 The music is from ‘Lost In The Humming Air’ by Harold Budd & Brian Eno.


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