summer afternoon

summer afternoon


are we clouds?
so fragile
in detail
a magnificence
building into
of the heavens
in fields of
blue? how
we lean
on a breeze
lean into
are we taken
into some
other sky
when blown
through? do we
simply fall
in evening’s
into the porous
heart of flowers?
can we be
simpler than
anything said?
are we clouds
that stay for
a while
deepening the
blue that frames
us aloft
seeing each
other off on
the wind
on a whim
of the air?
are we clouds?
the all of
the stuff
of sleep?

mangemangeroa reserve, whitford
january 2018

Copyright ©2018 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from ‘The Sea in Spring’, 春の海 Haru no Umi, by Michio Miyagi, played by Miyagi Kiyoko on koto & Aoki Reibo on shakuhachi: 

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