house of ‘fab’

house of ‘fab’*
to Paul McCartney at Mt. Smart

was a boy
who swam out of
dreams every
who couldn’t swim
who played so hard
in the dusk and ate
like a dinosaur,
one night
i first heard you
in our kitchen
on the old black bakelite
radio, ‘can’t buy me love’,
the boom-bam stride
of your bass your voice
leaping out of me
the ‘bloody hell’
of it all, i just couldn’t
hold the high thrill in
started running in dance
around the kitchen until
the last ringing chord
you singing like a
big brother who
wanted you happy
as you could be…..
now this summer evening
i’m here to see you as
far away as through the
wrong end of time’s
telescope, the most likely
rocking and poppy lad
taking on his hits….
with a voice on the
hill waving sweet
in age, ‘here today’
you sang that parley
with your old dead
bandmate John and
no one on earth could
stand in your shoes to
sing or say it better….
thanks my sacred friend
sacred as the muses are
of youth and childhood
for taking me
back to the house of
‘fab’ i once lived and
ran in like so many
in the wind and dark
around me this night
on the cheaper seats
to which you ever
would play


december 2017

*The Beatles were also known as the ‘Fab Four’.


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