no other

no other

for Keikei
july 2017

trying to write across that distance in candled night… a Weathercat estuary fished-up snap

i take
a love poem
in arcane
the whisper
in candled night
of a man to
his distant
wife, caught
away on business
at the edge of
a crumbling
empire and he’s
worried for her
worries if they’ll
meet again before
the season turns
to blood on steps,
i take such
a poem and feel
that ‘you’ he writes
to, could have been
‘you’, who i love
in this day’s light.
those in the know
say any love poem
ever written and
worth its salt will
give you this feeling
the ‘you’ of then
is your ‘him’ your
‘her’ of now
i write this then
to say that these
words are for no
other lover, no
wife or loved one
who ever was
there in their
own time
here in ours,
i write this
to say simply
these words
this heart
is for

Copyright © 2017 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music accompanying the reading is from the guqin piece ‘(Crows) Crying in Dark Night’ from the Ming Dynasty catalogue of pieces for the guqin known as ‘Mysterious Secret Book’ (神奇秘谱– ‘Shenqimi Pu’), performed here by Yin, Yihaonan.

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