of roman parchment

of roman parchment
a Marco, poeta e traduttore

of roman parchment
This image of olive trees in Puglia, Italy was sourced from the website ‘The Conversation’ where it was credited to Risteski Goce on Shutterstock.

i saw
a wind of olives
clung to the
heard the
leaves a rain
of finest silver
come through
the dark greenness
along the branches
splaying out
like broken roads
that traced the
i saw you,
mother, in the
time of lords
and ladies the
pheasants grooming
down the air
with their
you wrote me
a letter with the
quill of one
a simple letter
of tears and
and wished
me well.

june 2013

Copyright © 2017 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music is from  Fantasia #83 by Francesco Canova da Milano (1497-1543) from the collection ‘The Lute in Italian Renaissance’; the players are not credited in the details of the Youtube posting.

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