sun heart

sun heart
      for Keikei

sun on the
sea sun in
the heart
the blue of
that sky was
the trough
of those
the shadow
lasting only
their lift
and fall
we were
sitting on
that smoothly
pitted sandstone
in the hope of
all we are and
the fact of
what we
shall be
an afternoon
a breeze around
your hair in this
afternoon for
all afternoons
forever yours
for this chip of
time in which we
nest will always
and there will
be sun on the
sea sun in the

  te naupata (musick point)
september 2016


Copyright ©2016 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from the first movement of the “Suite Popular Brasileña” by Heitor
Villa-Lobos, played here by Pablo De Giusto

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