playing it loud

playing it loud
young and
stuck in school
all the muggy day
home i’d spin the
LPs to free the mind
a friday night my
parents out i pushed
the bedroom window
open wide as it could
go and let the neighbourhood
hear to enlighten their
cloddish souls the poet
who sang with the truth
burning in the veins he
opened his mouth and
out it came rhyming like
snazzy boots on the
way downstairs
‘its alright ma, i’m only
bleeding’* with its ‘president’
standing ‘naked’ *and a
‘voice ‘ in the ‘rat-race choir’*
40 years down the tracks
of my own bloody* making
not even sure if i got
that song then as i
thought i did
still i play his music loud
to enlighten the clodden
brethren i number among
winding down the window
coasting along the empty
main street closed in
afterhours shadow nobody
to even hear it and not
listening if there were
the singer who ‘poeted’*
in a voice now rough as
2 by 4, 40 years on for
him too, still nailing his
breath to the rhyme and
we’re rolling it out together still
for others to hear as they will
him on the voice guitar
piano and song
me on the window
a fan to the gloriously
starred and bitter
                        midnight, 24 march 2015
*’It’s alright ma, I’m only bleeding’ released on Bob Dylan’s 1965 LP, ‘Bringing it All Back Home’
*the full line is ‘But even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked’
*the full line is ‘While one who sings with his tongue on fire, gargles in the rat race choir
*allusion to Bob Dylan’s 1974 album ‘Blood on the Tracks’
*verb of my own creation, ‘to poet’ meaning ‘to consciously live as a poet and pay the attendant price’.


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