may 2015

Sourced from, an aerial photo of Pakuranga College taken on 14 April 1972. Maybe I was in the classroom seeing a plane in the clear sky

you know them
from that space
the square of
mapped round
eyes , nose
and mouth
the rest of the
face says
nothing just
plain deception
like waist or
hairline would
never lead you
back to who
they were
its the smile
the jokes
the kindness
in speech
and the
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that iris

that iris
to N. and her mother-in-law. All things are possible except to relive or rewrite those years up to that final midnight
when we left
that morning
my mother having just
got to know you
yet well enough
told you she would
name the iris
after you
that peeling open
of mauve amidst
the pale green

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