love paradise

love paradise
                             for Keikei

karaka bay
Karaka Bay at the fall of evening, picture by the Panmure Snowman

of shores
a night beach
in a half-moon
light under
a cliff of
root and fallen
to rub away
in wave
nothing plain
in such light
we trod on
over shell and
shallow pool
stopped to hold
each other through
the wall of skin and rib
heard the cry sharp
as longing of an
oyster catcher out
there on the low tide
picked out in the dark
everything around us
picked out in silence
in between the gentle
talk of wave, in the muffle
of silver from that
moon rafting on cloud
a handful of stars
about it like trout
nosing the wind,
you sighed,
a sigh that
lifted ash in
me came through
the grit dug in hard
within me like a
tear that could water a
century of dryness
felt your heart packed
in next to my rib
the oyster catcher’s
cry hung like a golden
needle of starlight
on the air, time
thickening to a
stop.  you said
we’d entered
‘love paradise’
in the breadth
of an oyster catcher’s

july 2016
karaka bay

Copyright © 2016 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music is from a live performance by Croatian pianist, Virna Kljaković, of Chopin’s Nocturne in F Minor, Op 55, No 1

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