that god

that god

To come up with something simpler to understand & clearer in intent… picture courtesy of Te Wai Mokoia

if we must
show god
to another
we need a
god of not kill
not a god of kill
a god that washes
hands of us like
filth when we
kill in that god’s
name do anything
in that god’s name
but embrace
lift each other
upward from collision
a god that disowns
us when we take
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damn & damned

damn & damned
                  for Keikei

calling me to wing in light…

you’re lovelier
than i can
can’t you
let me settle
in that dust
of my old
self again
stop this
calling me
to burst
into flame
every time
you’re here
of late
you’re always
there wherever
you are

25 may 2016

Copyright © 2016 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music is from second movement of Beethoven’s Sonata ‘Pathetique’ performed here in a 2006 performance by Daniel Barenboim.


twentieth-century german verse

twentieth-century german verse

Hanging out 40 something years on the bookshelf till read in its entirety

reading the Penguin book of
‘Twentieth-century German Verse’
bought of a year it sold new for
$1 & 25c, a year long before
the wall was manhandled down
and dumped, before the jokes about
putting it back up ever started.
bought of a year i was learning the
bits, bolts & grammar struts of the
language of Rilke & Trakl to read
Hermann Hesse in his own hand
the tongue of his high-gabled town
steeped in forest and shadowed stream,
bought of a year i had not yet travelled
nor felt how cold the marble of the
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