Duino autumn

Duino* autumn

Castello di Duino near Trieste, Italy

saw a man in overalls
in the courtyard this morning
trying to knock down the
leaves of the ornamental
peach ripping the rake handle
along the twigs and branch
looking for an early fall
to save the sweeping
of dry leaves rotten leaf
between brick that comes
later on
stay your hand, friend,
lest god shake your tree
too soon
*’Oh trees of life, oh
when winterly?’ wrote
Rilke who heard the angels
in halls of the ear,
in rooms overlooking the
sea, the deeper standing
of their voice, a stronger
being here* than that
given us felt their
voice in moon in wind
in the turnings up and out
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will Paul

will Paul*

Paul McCartney, with acknowledgements to Associated Press for use of this image.

was wondering
when Paul finally
slips out that
back door
the last chord
ringing still
the last song
sung and
yesterday* has
at last become
today was
wondering when
Paul puts down
the hoffner* on
the stand closes
the piano lid
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