for Keikei

moon rose
A moon rose of Panmure, plucked by Little Cat through the lens.

this early
my girl said
she loves me
‘large as the galaxy’
that milky way
her way of winding
round me loving me
through star looks
i told her i’m a
hot spring for
her to soak
in me to
let the old scars
the old wounds go
to feel me as
warm as i
can get

some say the
pair of us are
good for nothing
except gazing
at the full moon
in rapture just
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moon smash

moon smash

moon smash
smashed in the heart, smashed on the river…. the old wrecks survive

out on the sky

cloud patching over
the dark lay of stars
like rain moving
down in earth

i come to this sky
from the fret of love
talking of giving it away
taking it out on myself
the loss, that is.
hers, mine, his
something that won’t
come to rest on
the gambling wheel.

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Te Werahi Beach & the promised land

*Te Werahi Beach & the promised land
the rhyme of the rock & headline, taken in that dawn, the waves were the only person walking
from the drenched shadow of the morning cliff
looking west it lay out on the running ocean
Cape Maria van Diemen,
a name scratched down once of a time
by restless europeans on parchment,
a promised land of the dawn
mapped in early gold
sand hills forged as
simple as cloud along
the still pink rim of sky west
or a rock on the inward rush
of a wave the beach wide
hid a city on the other side
of old things,
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